ErgoStrap® ergonomic strapping machine

The ErgoStrap® strapping machine is a very attractive solution for strapping pallets. Thanks to the mobility of the ErgoStrap® pallet strapping system, you can safely strap pallets of different sizes using plastic straps. There’s no more bending or walking around the pallet required. The patented chain lance feeds the strap under the pallet and brings it up on the other side directly into the operator’s hand. Check out the video to View the ErgoStrap® strapping machine in action.

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The benefits of the ErgoStrap®

  • Easy to use by a single operator
  • More affordable than industrial automatic strapping systems
  • Can be used to strap several types of pallets and other products
  • More mobile than other automatic paddle strappers
  • Safer and more ergonomic than manual strapping systems

View the different ErgoStrap® models below. Our team is available to advise you on the best strapping machine for all your business needs.

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